NUMed Honours Students for their Academic Excellence

Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) held its annual Award Ceremony on 26 October 2018 at the Iskandar Demonstration Theatre in Iskandar Puteri, Johor, to honour its high-performing students. The awards were presented by senior University figures, including Prof. David Burn, Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Medical Sciences and Mr Richard Dale, Executive Director of […]

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Nation’s Leading Expert in Environmental Engineering Receives Honorary Doctorate from Newcastle University

Newcastle University awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Science to Prof. Dato’ Seri Ir Dr. Zaini Ujang in recognition of his many significant contributions in the development of environmental management and technology at its fifth Congregation ceremony in late October. Prof. Dato’ Seri Ir Dr. Zaini joined more than 100 students from Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia […]

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Searching for the Songlines in Boarding School

In the 1959 novel, “Walkabout” by James Vance Marshall (later memorably filmed by Nicolas Roeg), an accident leaves two American children, a boy and a girl, alone and stranded deep in the Australian bush. With no experience of managing in such adverse conditions, their prospects look bleak. Yet the children have the good fortune to […]

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Education Around The World: USA

Good day, folks! In our Education Around The World series, we’ll be taking a close look at how schools and universities from all over the world operate. This time we’re travelling to the land of freedom and liberty. It’s the good old United States of America (USA)! Read on about the US education system and soar up […]

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Yale’s Happiness Class Probes the Question: Is Our Education Promoting Mental Wellbeing?

In Dr. Laurie Santos’ “Psychology and the Good Life” course, also fondly known as the “happiness class”, students are taught lessons on living happier and more significant lives. They are taught to “rewire” their brain through proven methods of retraining our thinking – aptly called “rewirement” projects. This course is part of a seminar-style series […]

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Top 7 Reasons You Should Study Engineering

You probably heard it from a lot of people by now “You Should Study Engineering!” If you get good grades and aren’t sure what to study, that’s the advice most people give. But before you write it off, take a look at these legitimate compelling reasons you should study Engineering: 7) International Travel Engineers are […]

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Give your Child a Head-start in Life

Give your child a head-start in life with education that grooms them to be well-rounded individuals able to take on challenges posed by the world of tomorrow. The holistic American-style program driving the new Shattuck-St. Mary’s (SSM) Forest City International School in Johor is designed to do just that. Covering Pre-Kindergarten level to Advanced Placement […]

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Pros and cons of tablets

Should Tablets Replace Textbooks? The Pros and Cons of Tablets

More and more schools worldwide are deciding to utilize tablets and e-textbooks instead of traditional textbooks. Some contest it’s the way of the future and it’s inevitable since children are now being reared in a digital world. Let’s take a close look at the pros and cons of this technological tool on education. Pros: Easier […]

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