Chances are, if you have a passion, you can get a degree in the subject. And if typical majors aren’t your thing, there are plenty of unusual majors to choose from. The Global Scholars has put together a list of some of the most unusual (and real) programmes from around the world.

Check out the following unusual majors – perhaps your future calling is on the list!

1. Nannying

Ready to take that part-time gig watching your younger siblings to a higher level? This nanny major at Sullivan University is technically called Early Childhood Education Professional Nanny Program and addresses the growing childcare concerns had by many families.

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2. The Beatles

Just because you believe the conspiracy theories that Paul McCartney is actually dead and can list your reason why, doesn’t make you an expert on the Fab Four. Liverpool Hope University, located in the band’s famed hometown, is the only school in the world to offer a master’s degree in “The Beatles, Popular Music and Society.”

3. Canadian Studies

At Duke University, you can earn a degree in Canadian studies. The programme is more about the culture, literature and politics than it is maple syrup or Justin Bieber.

4. Ethical Hacking

Now there’s two words you never thought would go together. At the University of Abertay in Dundee, you can learn all the knowledge and skills required to understand the mechanics behind hacking attacks and develop appropriate countermeasures. And yes, that includes how to hack.

5. Future Studies

This isn’t the major your neighborhood fortune teller studied. People don’t pay futurists RM50 to find out if they will ever find true love. Fortune tellers will root their predictions in divine forces, but futurists make their predictions based on stone cold facts. A futurist’s predictions and point of view can even impact how companies design products or how communities run their outreach. The University of Houston offers MS in Foresight for prospective professional futurists, a degree that puts them in control of their own future.

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