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Ever heard the expression “too cool for school”? Well, these schools are too cool for you! Designed by visionary architects and innovative educators, these are the coolest schools of the world. Here, you’ll want to attend every day!

10) Fuji Yochien, Tokyo, Japan

9) Vittra Telephonplan, Stockholm, Sweden

8) Makoko Floating School, Lagos, Nigeria

7) XiaoQuan Elementary School, Sichuan, China

6) Abedian School of Architecture, Sydney Australia

5) Floating in the Sky School for Orphans, Sangkhlaburi Village, Thailand

4) Visserhok Container Classroom, Capetown, South Africa

3) Ny Krohnborg School, Bergen, Norway

2) Loop Kindergarten, Tianjin, China

1) Green School, Bali, Indonesia

They may not be as cool as these schools but Malaysia has plenty of cool schools too! Check them out at our university and international school pages.

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