Being on your professors good side is important in and out of class. Professors give your grades, write letters of recommendation and put you contact of people in the field. So, find out how to stand out and impress your professor!

11) Participate in Class

Obviously, the professor won’t know who you are if you don’t participate. Raise your hand up! Ask questions! Voice out during discussions! It may seem intimidating to speak in front of a room full of people but professors enjoy students contributing to a dynamic vibrant classroom. Try to ask questions that extends beyond . Most of the time only a few students are brave enough to speak up. So, stand out by being one of them.

Impress Your Professor
Professors love an environment where students are eager to learn. Look at how happy he is. I wish I could be that happy 🙁

10) Prepare Before Class

Some professors may encourage questions and say “There are no stupid questions.” However… there are stupid questions. There’s the annoying “Will this be on the exam?”. Even worse is asking “When is the exam?” when it is clearly marked on the syllabus. Asking obvious question you can find out yourself is a waste of your professors time. Hence, always read up and prepare ahead of class. It shows intelligence when you ask intelligent questions.

impress your professor
If you were absent, don’t ask your professor “Did I miss anything important?” The answer is always going to be “Yes!”, all classes are important. Another stupid question would be “What is your bank account number?” Boy, my professor did not like that question one bit!

9)Stay Up To Date On Current Events

Attempt to stay informed on the latest trends, news and events in your field. Asking your professor their opinions on it or better yet sharing your own is a great way to have interesting conversations with them. This shows you are a student who is in pursuit of knowledge not just high marks.

Impress Your Professor
Professors enjoy lively discussions with students who have knowledge of their field beyond textbooks. Unless, it’s about the conspiracy of lizard men. Dead silence when I brought it up in class.

8) Be Visible and Presentable

Dress to impress, as they say “clothes make the man”. So, don’t make your professor think you are a lazy bum because you wear yoga pants and a tank top to class. Also, try to stay within their line of sight. Avoid sitting all the way in the back. Try to sit in the front and in one consistent spot. The more they see you, the more they know you.

If you sit in the back, your professor will not notice you as much. I thought that was good thing at first then I remembered how starved for attention I was.

7) Show Initiative and Help

If your professor is struggling to get something set up or is about to distribute handouts, be the teachers pet and offer to help! Volunteer to help out when you see there’s something you can do. Professors always appreciate a student who shows initiative and is willing to help.

If your professor needs a volunteer for anything, don’t be afraid to jump right in! Not literally though, insurance still won’t let me claim that one.

6) Get Involved in Projects

Show even more initiative by asking professors what projects they are working on. Some professors might be involved in research and in need of eager students to help. Either way it is a compliment, to show interest in their work. If they aren’t, ask about internship or volunteer opportunities. This displays drive and ambition. It is a win-win situation, professors will remember you and put you in contact with people in the field.

Being in a project with your professor is the best opportunity to build a strong relationship with them. Hopefully it won’t turn into deep disappointment like all my relationships.

5) Be Friendly and Polite

Saying a simple good morning every time you see your professor will go a long way in showing you are polite and respectful student. Also If you enjoy a certain lesson, tell them!Give a compliment but be specific. It could be the way they explained a complicated topic or their engaging slides. But be honest, if you do it too often and lay it on too thick, professors may think you are sucking up for good grades.

But this extends outside the classroom too. Many professors hate informal language and internet slang. So practice good email etiquette and always use proper formatting and spelling.

Impress Your Professor
Respect your professor’s preferred nomenclature, some prefer casual first names while others firmly believe they need to be addressed by their full title. I learned firsthand that mine, disliked the nickname “Babycakes”.

4) Attend Class Early

We don’t have to tell you the importance of being on time but do one better and be early! Most professors arrive early to set up. So, the few minutes before class starts is the perfect opportunity to engage in some casual conversations. Also, professors are usually swarmed by students after class.

Impress Your professor
Professors have less time to talk to each student after class when there are so many of them. I know he doesn’t like them as much as he likes me!

3) Pay Close Attention

Be mindful of your professors electronic policy. Even if you are using your laptop or tablet to type down notes, still look up and at your professor to show you are paying full attention. Professors want to see their students alert and engaged with the lesson.

Impress Your Professor
Some professors don’t mind if you record their lectures, some think it’s a sign of laziness and inattentiveness. So, be sure to ask first!

2) Visit During Office Hours

Most university professors have times designated just to meet with students. Take this opportunity to meet with them. In a personal full twenty to thirty minute session, your professor will truly get to know you and vice versa. Here, you can get a thorough answer on questions you have and seek advice or feedback on assignments.

Be prepared with a focused topic to discuss with your professor during your office hour appointment or you’ll end up staring at them awkwardly for twenty minutes like I did!

1) Do Good Work

In the end of the day, professors care about results. So, try to your best and produce quality work. You might not know all the answers in quizzes or produce the perfect assignment but you will still leave a solid impression if you follow all the directions and don’t miss deadlines. Even if you don’t get the best grade, by doing everything above, you’ve demonstrated that you put in your best effort.

Impress Your professor
Displaying a strong work ethic is one of the most impressive things you can do.

But if you need any help with that, feel free to read our Top 5 Best Study Hacks Backed By Science, you’ll definitely impress your professor with these techniques.

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