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Did you know that the beautiful country of Malaysia is not just one of the most popular tourism spots in Malaysia but also a rising player in the international education scene? More and more students from across the globe are travelling here to study in Malaysia. Take a look at the reasons why you too should study in Malaysia!

5) A Global Hub of Education

Malaysia provides top quality education to prospective students. It is ranked 25th on QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings. Additionally, Malaysia has committed considerable investment into turning itself into a global hub of education. A number of prestigious universities from the UK, USA, Netherlands, Australia, China and Singapore have set up official branch campuses in Malaysia.

Study in Malaysia 2
Malaysia produces a diverse set of intelligent, creative and motivated students.

These distinguished institutions include universities from the UK such as University of Reading, Newcastle University, Herriot-Watt University, University of Southampton, Monash University, Raffles University and many more. These universities are operated and owned by their parent campus and provide the same top-quality education leading to the attainment of the exact same degree. In fact according to UNESCO’s International Students Mobility Survey,  Malaysia ranks 12th on the top countries for international education.

Study in Malaysia 1
Newcastle University, one of the top 10 UK universities for medicine, has an official branch in Educity, Johor.

4) Exceptional Low Cost

Despite the marvelous top quality education, the overall cost of studying in Malaysia is still remarkably low. It is rated 9th on QS’ Most Affordable Places to Study Abroad. On average you’ll only pay US$4,000 in tuition fees per academic year but if you study in America you’ll have to pay approximately US$25, 000 or more.  In regards to the official foreign branch campuses, you will get a UK (or US, Australian, etc.) education and degree for a significantly lower price. Here, you also get a high quality life at a affordable cost.

Study in Malaysia cost
Studying in Malaysia saves you up to $20,000 dollars a year compared to studying in the US

The cost of living in Malaysia is 42.90% lower than in United States while the rent in Malaysia is 71.25% lower than in United States. It has been estimated that if you study in Malaysia, you would only have to spend as low as RM1000 (US$ 240)  a month and that includes everything from transportation, accommodation, utilities and recreation!

Study malaysia 4
The buzzing metropolis of Kuala Lumpur is ranked the number one most affordable student city in the world by the QS Best Student Cities 2017.

3) Peace and Prosperity

Malaysia is one of the most peaceful countries in the world with significantly low crime rates. In fact, it is the 25th most peaceful country in the world, far outranking countries like the UK (57th) and USA (121st). The country is also unique free from frequent natural disasters.

Malaysia Global Peace
Malaysia has significantly low international and domestic conflicts

Malaysia is also one of the most industrialized and developed country in the region. It has state of the art healthcare, world-class infrastructure, efficient transportation and a powerful telecommunications network. Here, you will be able to live comfortably and conveniently with all the luxuries of the modern world. As it is a developing nation, that translates to an abundance of job opportunities arising with the rapid new industries. It’s a new frontier where any daring innovator can make their mark.

Study in Malaysia 5
Malaysia’s booming economy opens ample opportunities for entrepreneurs and skilled specialist.

2) Full of Beautiful Locations

Of course, studying in Malaysia is not all just books and exams. Don’t worry this amazing country is filled with fun! Malaysia is a land of exquisite majesty and lush beauty. The diverse natural landscape is absolutely jaw-dropping and stunning. It’s year round warm sunny weather is perfect for you to just lounge on the golden sandy beaches of Pulau Langkawi or dive into the crystal blue waters of Pulau Tioman. The gorgeous wild jungles and rainforest such as Mulu National Park will fill you with awe. If you prefer colder climates, relax in the misty hills of Cameron Highland.

Study in Malaysia 10
The natural splendor of Malaysia is simply stunning.

But if you are more of a city person, there’s plenty to enjoy too! The unique architecture of the old Georgetown streets (a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site) is a feast for the eyes. Of course there is the architectural marvel that is The Petronas Twin Towers and Masjid Putra. With amusement parks, museums and shopping malls, your semester breaks will never be boring!

Study Malaysia 6
Georgetown, Penang is home to distinctive one of a kind architecture that is a mix of colonial British, Chinese and Malayan influences,

1) Culture and Diversity

Above all, the best thing about Malaysia is it’s people! As a multicultural nation, with Malays, Chinese, Indians, Natives and so many other ethnicities living together in harmony, we have a stunning variety of amazing food, festival, songs,  dances and lifestyles.

Want something sweet? Savory? Spicy or salty? We have it all! Malaysia’s heavenly foods are the perfect example of the beauty of it’s intermingling cultures.

This emphasis on diversity makes Malaysians incredibly socially accepting of international students from all kinds of religious and culture backgrounds. You will not feel like a stranger among all these friendly faces. Additionally, there is no language barrier for most foreigners because a majority of Malaysians are fluent in English! In most universities, it is the primary medium of instruction.

Study Malaysia 6
Malaysian proudly celebrate their own and each other’s heritage and hence welcomes all students no matter where they come from.

So what are you waiting for come on over and study in Malaysia today! Take a look at our university page now and find out which institution is best for you.

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  2. Thanks for your info

    In this peaceful, plural and modern society, Malaysia, located in South East Asia, is a testimony to the world of what it is able to offer academically, socially, ethnically, culturally and in every other aspect of life to make the stay of any international student worth their time, money and effort. It is a fascinating and enchanting nation.

    Study in Malaysia

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