Access to World-Class Education in Malaysia

CHOOSING to pursue higher studies in the United Kingdom (UK) is said to be one of the best decisions one could take in their lives. And many who have gone down that path, would attest to that. British or UK universities are widely regarded to be among the world’s best, with longstanding reputations for academic rigour, teaching excellence, quality or research and also prestige. Some trace their heritage back decades or centuries, and can lay claim to have groomed many of the planet’s movers and shakers. UK education prepares one to not just get through life, but to do so with flying colours.


In collaboration with The Star, The Global Scholars and the 5 UK universities have come together to talk about their UK education excellence in Malaysia.  Click on the link below and get a copy of The Star Special: Global Campuses in Malaysia, exclusively featured on The Global Scholars.

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